Hello All,

I wanted to share today one of the Reconcile options that we have in the Receivables Module that is commonly overlooked. This feature is called Reconcile Outstanding Document Amounts.

This feature of the Reconcile process is great because it will look at a specific customer or document and adjust the Amount Remaining field if it is incorrect based on any or no apply records.

We get an average amount of these cases in support throughout the year and thought it would be good to share as it might stop a call to support and is a quick process to use if you are not able to apply one of your documents and receive a message stating that the document is fully applied.

There are two common scenarios we recommend using the Reconcile Outstanding Documents process.

  1. When we go to apply the Debit Document, is not showing in the apply window even though I have an open Invoice to pay.

  1. I am attempting to apply Payment zzz to Invoice yyy but are receiving an error stating that it is fully applied. I have checked the apply records and the window does not show anything applied.

When we look at the transaction in the Inquiry windows, we usually see the Amount Remaining is 0.00 and drilling back to the apply record, the window is blank.

In these scenarios, I would advise to the run the Reconcile Outstanding Documents process which will update the Amount Remaining to be the Document Amount as we have no apply records. Most times it corrects the issue unless we have a bad document.

  1. Sales >> Utilities >> Reconcile.
  2. Reconcile = Outstanding Document Amounts.
  3. Range = Customer ID or Document Number in question.
  4. Options – You can choose to print the report first so you can see the changes before any are made or you can mark the Reconcile Checkbox to make the changes before or after verification.
  5. Click the process button once the options you want to use are marked.
  6. A report will print with the changes as you can see below.

After running this in my system, the document now looks to be unapplied.

I really like this feature as it helps without having to correct the Amount Remaining through SQL like we have to do with Payables.

I hope this helps and stops a call to support for you.

Thank you!

Brandon Jarrett | Microsoft Support Engineer