A lot of times clients create the same items, customers, vendors. Later they realize it and look for a solution to keep all data associated with item in one unit and avoid duplication of items.

Yes, we can achieve this in a few simple steps.

This blog articles explains how to merge two items into one in case where duplicates where created.


  1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Errors during Merging

  • Cannot delete base unit of measure because ledger entries exist with this UOM
  • The item you are trying to delete contains open ledger entries
  • The Item is present in Open Sales Line/Prod Order Line etc.

Steps and Resolution to the errors

1.Suppose you want to merge Item No. 80002 to Item No 766BCB

2. Post all Open Ledger Entries related to the Items that needs to be merged. 3. All Sales Orders and Purchase Orders must be invoiced.

4. Remove the Base Unit of Measure of the Item 80002 from Item Table (table no. 27).

5. Run Item Unit of Measure (Table No 5404) and delete the entry

6. Create a codeunit and follow the code in this attachment

For Customer Merge click here

For Vendor Merge click here

This code will not only merge your Items but also merge your Ledger entries related to it.