New year has come, and brings with it new year´s resolutions:

-          Stop using expressions Comfort zone and User experience. People are going to hate them.

-          Learn basics of JavaScript.

Not planning a deep dive in JavaScript, only a preview and learnings concepts is in the table.

Why a NAV programmer would like to learn JavaScript?

A strongly related technology with new VSCode environment studio for AL:

1 JSON setup files are the object definition syntax of JavaScript.

2 If you are planning to extend VSCODE, you need to use Yeoman another JavaScript related technology.

3 Bloggers as Vjekoslav, told us how can we use it with add-ins.

4 Syntax ridiculously similar to C/AL (IMO). I was surprised about that.

In addition, there are some interesting programming paradigms you can introduce with JavaScript:

-          Functional programming with recursion.

-          Regular expressions.

-          Strong object orientation.

-          Web programming.

Reflection and code injection with eval (very interesting item!!!).

Resources and first contact.

Almost wherever you look in your computer, you have a JavaScript console. Open MS web browser IE or Edge, and go to Tools\Developer Tools (F12). Select page Console and you can begin to type, and debug JavaScript commands. Here we are a quick expression evaluator:

If you create a note pad file with .js extension, you can make a JavaScript Batch executable (this example opens an Excel sheet):

It´s a great idea too, install JavaScript extension for VSCode, and Nodee.js too for executing and debugging.

Links: Node .js

VsCode Extensions for JavaScript:

A nice free book.

There is a basic but accurate free book and is my main recommendation: Are worth every page you read!!