I would like to show How to Modify existing field and action properties on a page using simple assignment.

My goal is to make below changes in standard Purchase Order page.

1.     I would like to change existing field name from “Buy-from Vendor No.” to “Vendor No.”

2.     And to make sure that Post action is visible only from Windows Client and not from Web Client.

Purchase Order page looks like below before modifications.

I have created PurchOrderPageExtension.al object as shown in below screenshot.

You can refer my previous blogs to know how to create al objects in detailed.

1stpart of the code shows how to modify existing field “Buy-from Vendor No.”

Here I have modified property CaptionML of “Buy-from Vendor No.” field.

2ndpart of the code shows how to modify existing action Post properties.

Here I have modified properties CaptionML and Visible.

You can check below part for declaration of global variables and OnOpenPage triggers.


PostVisible : Boolean;

Above declaration is equal to Setting IncludeInDataset property of global variables to Yes in previous development.

Now Build Package (Ctrl+Shift+B) and Publish (F5).

Now the Purchase Order page looks like

We can notice that field “Buy-from Vendor No.” changed to “Vendor No.”

Post is changed to “Post visible from Windows Client”.

And Post button is not visible from Web Client.
Make sure that we can modify only few properties as described here