I am upgrading from NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2015.  I am at the step after converting to NAV 2015.  I am stuck on the step where I "Sync Schema For All Tables" with Validation for the first time which shows the status window and says OperationalSyncInProgress but just sits there for more than 24 hours and never completes. (This is step 20 in the document "Upgrading NAV 2009 R2 or NAV 2009 SP1 to NAV 2015.pdf)

I have opened the Dev Environment as Administrator.  I have set the SQL Timeout in the NAV Server Instance to 23:30.  I have set the SQL Server timeout to 60000 seconds on SQL Server itself.  The NAV Server Instance is a db_owner of the database. 

I have tried running through powershell as well.  Sync-NavTenant -ServerInstance DynamicsNAV80 -Mode Sync which takes 1 second to run.  I don't think it did anything.  Trid with CheckOnly instead of Sync and same results, nothing.  I saw a post to run Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted first but I get a warning that says:

set-executionpolicy : Windows PowerShell updated your execution policy
successfully, but the setting is overridden by a policy defined at a more
specific scope.  Due to the override, your shell will retain its current
effective execution policy of RemoteSigned. Type "Get-ExecutionPolicy -List"
to view your execution policy settings. For more information please see
"Get-Help Set-ExecutionPolicy".
At line:1 char:1

Not sure if I need to pursue this error or if there is something else more obvious I am missing.  Any help here would be much appreciated.