Hello Experts,

Hope every one is doing well.

I have a situation below in NAV 2009 R2

We had added some 4 tax codes in tax jurisdiction table reporting to one code.

When NJ-ALL Code was selected in the sales order it accidently(I dont know how) it took all the four codes in vat lines when checked in statistics.

The invoice was posted  with 4 lines of vat however it should have been posted with only one line of VAT--> NJ-ALL.

Upon checked when we reselcted the NJ-ALL in this table it started calculating the correct values in the invoices.

The invoices are posted with 4 lines of VAT but when we try to create credit memo of this invoice it only trie to reverse the one line of VAT but actually the invoice was posted with four lines of VAT.

Please provide your input how to create credit memo with all four lines which are showing in posted sales invoice as the when trying to create credit memo it is only picking one line of vat.

Thanks in advance