Looking to see if anyone has had this error come up before or if you know of a hotfix.  I have a client that runs the job planning worksheet with MRP, then copies to the req. worksheet where they carry out the action messages and create PO's.  We have been having reservation errors on a few items that has an action message of cancel, we figured out it is because the PO's were released so NAV couldn't cancel the PO's.  Now they had a line item on the req. worksheet with the Action message of Resched. & Chg. Qty.  When trying to carryout the action message it won't do it because the qty. is already received on the PO. and we get the error message "qty. must not be less than the Qty. received in purchase line document type=order, doc # = ENVxxxx, Line no. = 20000 - which make sense you can't reschedule and change a qty when it is already received but why is it trying to do that in the first place?   So then when trying to delete the line it gives a reservation error message so nothing can be done until the reservation error is deleted from the reservation table.  Anyone have this happen before, what did you do?  Is this a possible Hotfix issue?  

thank you in advance.