Easy Access to records and entities with less scrolling

  • New navigation will reduce our efforts of scrolling in horizontal navigation by including new UI Themes and faster navigation to the records.
  • With the new navigation bar, it’s easier and faster to find the information you need. When you choose the Main Menu from the navigation bar, you can access your work areas, records, or other items with less scrolling and fewer clicks than before.
  • See video for better understanding of new improved Navigation: YouTube

Access Recently Viewed Items quickly

  • Use theRecently Viewed Items button  on the new navigation bar to get back to your most recently viewed and pinned items. With this global tool, you can access recently viewed records, views, and even dashboards. Pin the items you use all the time to move them to the top of the list.

Easily Navigate between form elements

  • On complex entity forms, you can directly navigate between tabs easily by selecting respective tab

Now you can add Logo and/or change color theme of your CRM instance easily

  • You can upload Logo which was not supported earlier. Also you can change the color theme on the fly and also set specific color for your custom entities to show in the navigation areas.
  • See video for better understanding: YouTube

Now you can track E-mail activities with folder tracking automatically

You can do quick analysis in Excel Online from CRM Online

Redesigned Export to Excel feature

  • With single click data can be exported into Excel
  • Formatting will be preserved and data can be imported back into CRM
  • Limit on Total number of records is increased from 10000 to 100000

You can define rules for creating or updating CRM records from incoming activities.

Refer below links for more details: