Now, I know what you might think by reading only the title of this article “seriously, is this guys joking?”, we’ll wait for it, it is actually a lot different than what you think.

I’m not talking about going to a workflow, disable it, and assign it to another user. I’m talking about when a workflow is created by user Kiril Radoslavov (who was your CRM administrator), all the system jobs will show him as an owner.

Logically, you will reassign the workflow to some king of a system administrator called user (to look more consistent), but even then the system job will still look as it has been executed by Kiril Radoslavov.

So how actually we can change this so it is run by our system administrator user?

Well, it is quite simple, but yey a bit annoying if you have 100 workflows run by this user and you want to change.

First of all logging with the new user who will be the owner of the workflow, this will be our CRM Administrator user (that how I call mine). Then, find the desired workflow and deactivate it.

Then convert the workflow to real-time one

That way you can now change who runs the workflow

, if not all, then most of those workflows (that are running on behalf of our user Kiril Radoslavov) will have actually the option “The user who made changes to the record” selected, so change it to The owner of the workflow.

Save and convert the workflow back to its original type, a background workflow.

Activate the workflow again and you are ready to test it with your new user. You will see that every new run from now on will show the new user as the Owner of the system job.