This article 'Why customers choose Microsoft over Salesforce' got me thinking.. the value of Microsoft Business Applications isn't about one application.

It's about the Ecosystem

The true value of business platform is the ecosystem it resides in, the AI signals (internal and external) that enrich it, and the overall outcomes it creates for your business. Microsoft has the world's leading ecosystem for intelligent business solutions.

The interactive version (with hyperlinks to rich details) is in a Pointdrive entitled:
Your Advantage with Microsoft's Business Applications’ available here:

Hopefully, this helps understand the differentiated value of Microsoft's ecosystem for Microsoft for Business Solutions:

  • Ecosystem (Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, Power Apps, Power BI, Common Data Service, Flow, etc)
  • 600+ Azure services, 25 years of Microsoft Research AI, 64K Partners
  • 231 Data connectors to tap into your external data investments: Salesforce, SAP, Amazon, Adobe, Marketo, Zendesk, etc.

If there is something missing, please let me know in the comments here. Thanks.