Hello, I am Priyesh Wagh, a Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant working with CloudFronts Technologies in Mumbai for over 5.5 years. I have worked with most of our US based customers and a few in Europe & Australia too.

My Bachelor of Engineering was completed at Mumbai University in 2013. Since then, I have joined CloudFronts as a fresher and this set me on a trajectory towards working on challenging and unique implementations throughout. In this span of time, I've learned not only about Dynamics and related technologies, but also about what it takes to be a good Dynamics Consultant. And in this journey, I'm still learning every day and putting it to use.

I invite you to read my blog: https://community.dynamics.com/365/b/d365demystified

I live in Mumbai with my mom, in a great workplace with a superb bunch of friends. I'm looking forward to more years of challenging work in a growing, connected world.

In the space of my mind, I'm a poet, a blogger, avid coffee person, huge movie buff and a humorist to some extent. I love to watch Cricket and Formula 1 and I follow these closely.

"Dynamics Community is the hub for getting the most out of the platform. For customers, partners, and developers, it's a great opportunity to delve into the core foundation of the platform and understand how problems should be approached. For me, I get great benefit by being able to help and in-turn get to know several real-world scenarios and what customers/developers are actually looking for. It's an immense honor for me to be part of this happy, insightful, fun and ever-growing community with a great pool of minds coming together to make the most out of Dynamics.”

Priyesh Wagh,  Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant

We are excited to recognize Priyesh as our November 2019 Community Spotlight honoree. He has achieved top 10 status several times in blogging, suggested answers, and verified answers - great work! Show your appreciation for Priyesh by liking, sharing or commenting on this post, or following his blog: https://community.dynamics.com/365/b/d365demystified