Razwan is a Microsoft MVP as well as Microsoft Community Contributor and Moderator also responsible for organizing Dynamics 365 Saturday. A solution architect and contributor for developing many free community tools and solutions for XRMToolBox as well as Dynamics 365 Productivity plugins. Razwan hails from Manchester, United Kingdom and is very proud of his Mancunian heritage as the city recognized for leading the industrial revolution with inventions such as the first passenger railway, splitting of the atom and off course the invention of the first computer.

"I do find solace in the Dynamics community as a place that cultivates positive energy we share with one another every time we help others in solving problems. I truly believe we have the most exciting CRM & ERP community in the world that is actively addressing real industry challenges and is a perfect ground for self development that helps us all to become the best version of oneself."

Microsoft MVP & Dynamics Community Moderator

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