So I created and successfully ran my first integration for AP but I have persistent issue that I cannot find any solution for is that the credits in the distribution is the first line followed by the debits. I would like to have the debits to appear first and the credit to come at the end to make it easier to review. 

Quick note is that the file used is a single source with only a debit accounts. The credit is set to Default Non-Imported Rule, so it uses the default account the vendor is set up to in GP. An also interesting note is that whenever the entry is a Credit Memo, the first entry is a debit followed by the credit, so I believe the issue is actually that the Default account is just appearing first followed by the accounts from the Integration. 

I have already tried the following solutions found online -

  • I changed UseOptimizedFiltering to "False" under Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini. Not only did this not work, but also unsorted the order for the entry (I have the entries sorted alphabetically by Vendor ID), so it made it worse. 
  • I have changed the order by in the sources.

The only thing I can think of at this point is for a script but I have no knowledge of scripting so not sure where I should enter the script or how to write it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,