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Tara C Sinclair wrote the following post at 11 Sep 2020 11:59 AM:

I'm working in a system that we have integrated the Product Catalog with F&O SCM which means that all products/price lists/price list items are integrated as actual Inventory Products, Non-Inventory Products and Service Products. This means that all of our products are created through SCM and then leveraged through the Sales process to the Work Order management process. 

When we create a Legal Agreement and want to create the Invoice recurrence but I can only add Inventory Products to the Invoice setup. I want to create Write-in Products or at the very least create lines with Service Products for the Invoice setup.

In theory, an agreement would be setup for ongoing services/maintenance, etc for a client, and would seldom require the use of the same Inventory Products, but would require the same Service Products from CE, so I'm not sure how this should be configured. The example frequently given for the Legal Agreement is a yard maintenance contract - the line item on the Invoice would not be an Inventory product, but would be a service of mowing, or a write-in product of Weekly Service at $X. 

Would love ideas!


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