Microsoft releases new features with every release and have a list of features that are planned. To know what features are released, refer release plans at link.

The Feature management experience provides a workspace where you can view a list of features that have been delivered in each release. While there is no release number on the feature, release date is provided on the Feature Management workspace. By default, new features are turned off. You can use the workspace to turn them on and view the documentation for them. The documentation for the feature if available is maintained at

How to Enable feature

To begin, go to the “Feature management” workspace, locate the feature, and click "Enable now" at the bottom of the page to enable the feature. In some cases we found that even the feature is release, it’s not available on the “All” tab, so if you know a feature is released, scroll through different tabs (New, Not enabled, Scheduled, All) to find the feature and then enable it.

Once the feature is enabled, you will see the green check box next to the feature and Enable date will get populated.

While the search functionality is there, it doesn’t allow you to search feature. But use shortcut to find the feature as the application is now web base, press ctrl+F and just type in the name and the feature will get highlighted if available. Remember to scroll through different tabs if you can find the feature on one page.

For standard documentation on Feature Management, refer link on