Today, I will be discussing about how to customize workflow to make it organize wide or company wide. So, lets begin with the first question how can we achieve this target? The answer is to use the association type field on Workflow type.

Let's suppose we want to customize the Purchase Requisition Review Workflow by changing it from organize wide to company wide.

Association type contain three values.

  • Organization - wide /Global : If we are selecting association type to global then our workflow can be used across all organizations. These types of workflows are used only with documents that contain organization wide data.
  • Company - wide : If we are selecting association type to company then our workflow can be used for specific organization for example particular legal entity.
  • Other 
Below are the steps required to change purchase requisition workflow.

1) Go to AOT -> Workflow-> Workflow type -> Search PurchReqReview

2) Change association property of workflow type from Global to Company.

3) In the end compile it. Don't forget to run Incremental CIL for latest changes.

Note: Workflow which was created previously will not change to new association type so we must create new workflow.