Finally we have an app for submitting and approve timesheets for projects in D365FO! Before this we had to use the Project Time Entry mobile workspace or create a PowerApp, but this is a great app for customers who just need the out-of-the box functionality.

How it works

First, we have to enable the app under Project management and accounting parameters -> Timesheet


With that done, we need to sign into the app. Copy/paste the URL from your D365FO instance and enter your credentials.

So what can you do in here? You can of course register hours, but also write comments to the hours, copy time from another period, and submit the timesheet. Project managers or other approvers will have an extended view with the possibility to approve timesheets and view the already approved timesheets.

20190426_112009405_iOS              20190426_112118751_iOS        20190426_112157782_iOS         20190426_112245528_iOS        20190426_112446685_iOS


This is how it looks in F&O after you submit your hours:


Get the app:




Personally I think the app is pretty user friendly and easy to use. Will definetly be a great tool for end users and project managers to review and submit hours on the go!

Head over to Microsoft Docs for more details.