Hi All and Happy Christmas!!

Below, I'll share an issue that wasted my time during an Performance investigation.
I have to say also thanks to Microsoft Technical support for helping me.

Some ETL files opened with Trace Parser on a onebox VM, didn't show up any methods and any queries. Something like that:


Cause: The ETW Providers  “Microsoft-AX-XPPExecutionTraces” and “Microsoft-Dynamics-AX-ExecutionTraces” aren't installed in the VM!

Microsoft-Dynamics-AX-XppExecutionTraces : Used to capture X++ methods events.
Microsoft-Dynamics-AX-ExecutionTraces : Used to capture SQL events.

Resolution : In that case you can install the missing providers with the following steps:

Find the location of the manifest files. If you are using a onebox VM they are in C:\AOSService\webroot\Monitoring

Open a Powershell as Administrator and run the following commands to install the 2 missing event providers:

$resourcefiledir = "C:\AOSService\webroot"
$inputmanfile = "C:\AOSService\webroot\Monitoring\DynamicsAXExecutionTraces.man"
$outputmanfile = "C:\AOSService\webroot\Monitoring\DynamicsAXExecutionTraces_copy.man"
$temp = Get-Content $inputmanfile
$temp = $temp -replace "%APPROOT%",$resourcefiledir
$temp | out-file $outputmanfile
wevtutil im $outputmanfile
$inputmanfile = "C:\AOSService\webroot\Monitoring\DynamicsAXXppExecutionTraces.man"
$outputmanfile = "C:\AOSService\webroot\Monitoring\DynamicsAXXppExecutionTraces_copy.man"
$temp = Get-Content $inputmanfile
$temp = $temp -replace "%APPROOT%",$resourcefiledir
$temp | out-file $outputmanfile
wevtutil im $outputmanfile

Close and open Trace Parser again and verify the providers are visible in the list.

Another way is to:

Copy c:\Monitoring folder from a 7.2 working VM

Run MonitoringInstall.cmd from Command Prompt running as Administrator in this folder

I guess with the new VM version this issue is gone!