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This blog is on a nice function called Automatic Actions on workflow, this feature enable system to auto approve/reject the workflow if the given conditions are met.

Let’s explore

Business Scenario

Company can have their basic requirement to work with various workflows while booking transactions, however there can be few criteria/conditions, on which company want system to auto approve/reject the workflow automatically.

Yes, this can be setup in standard Dynamics 365 FO.


We shall go through the very basic workflow, which is general journal daily workflow, here we shall setup one condition to enable the automation of workflow.

Step 1 – Setup workflow with basic steps

Create the general journal daily workflow

Navigate to General ledger- Journal Setup- General Ledger workflows- New- Select the ledger daily journal workflow for this case.

Drag and drop and assign the line with the start and end in the workflow.

Start- Approve daily journal- end


We may use any type of assignment with this journal like- participant, hierarchy, workflow user, user

Step 2- Enable Automatic actions

Navigate to workflow properties on the same screen above- Automatic actions- Enable automatic actions

Step 3- Configure Automatic Action Condition

This step is most important, because this will drive the automation in the workflow and once the condition is met, system will automatically approve or reject the flow.

I shall show a very basic example- where, if the accounting currency is INR in the journal line, system will automatically approve the flow


After the selection, the condition will look line below.

  • The condition is- where the currency value is INR, this will meet the automatic action criteria.
  • Once the above criteria is met, system will approve the flow in our case, see below 'auto complete action'

Now save and close the workflow.

Make sure now, the workflow is activated in Dynamics (Navigate to General ledger- Journal Setup- General Ledger workflows)

Now the workflow configurations are done

Step 4- Configure Journal names with the workflow

This step is very important, because General journal daily workflow does not automatically activate unless the workflow is configured in the Journal names

Create a journal name or use any existing journal (daily journal type)

  • Activate the 'approval workflow' in the journal name selected
  • Assign the workflow in the journal name selected

Now all the configurations are done and ready to proceed with the transactions.

Processing Workflow by General Journal

Navigate to General Journal- Select the Journal which is configured with the workflow

In the journal line, use the currency INR as per our example and now submit the workflow.

Submit from the header under workflow option, see below


Now, magically the workflow will approve the journal and this doesn't need any manual approval, because the condition is met.

See below, system evaluated the condition and it was true, hence auto approved the journal and the workflow is completed without any human effort

This is it for this blog, and stay tuned for my next blog 100