Some of the Dynamics AX tutorials require the Fleet Management solution file. Fleet Management models exist on all Dynamics AX development VM; however, some VMs do not include the solution file needed to edit, test and debug these models. You can easily create a Visual Studio solution file out of the Fleet Management models by following the steps described here.

  1. Turn on the option Organize projects by element type from the Dynamics AX > Options dialog

  2. Filter by all elements of the model “Fleet management” in Application Explorer

  3. When the search completes, right-click on the AOT node and select Add search results to new project

  4. In the New Project dialog, enter solution name, project name and location then click Ok

      • Note:
        • Name the solution FleetManagement
        • Name the project FleetManagement or "Fleet Management Migrated" (In some tutorials, this project is referred to as the "Fleet Management Migrated" project)
  5. This will create a FleetManagement project under a new FleetManagement solution and add all elements that belong to the Fleet Management model to the project.
  6. Repeat the steps 2 to 3 to add the Fleet Management Extension model to a new project.
  7. On the New Project dialog, enter project name and make sure to select Add to solution to add the new project to the existing Fleet Management solution.

  8. The end result will be a Fleet Management solution that contains 2 projects:
    • Fleet Management (or Fleet Management Migrated)
    • Fleet Management extension

You can use this procedure to create a project or solution out of any model in Application Explorer. You can also apply additional filters to your Application Explorer search to create a project from a subset of model elements instead of the entire model.