I'm new to mgmt reporter so please assist me in this matter.

Is there any way to create a row definition that,when the report is generated, prints every account in a certain range (.e.g. accounts 190000 to 199999) without having to drill down when viewing the report?

The two options I found did not help:

  •  If I use main account categories I have to drill down to see all the underlying accounts 
  • If I select a main account range I also have to drill down to see the underlying accounts

There are two reasons why I ask about this:

  1. Avoid having to drill down when viewing a complete balance sheet (or income statement)
  2. Be sure that all accounts are included in the balance sheet. Using e.g. main account category to display a range of accounts might result in accounts being accidentally excluded from the report because someone forgot to link an account to the main account category.

I could of course just insert rows from dimensions but that would omit any new accounts added to a range after the report is defined, right?

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