An update (version 500.3.1.X) to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides solution was released on 03 February, 2021. This update allows for enhanced integration with Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as Common Data Service) API and Power Platform to retrieve asset files, and data about guide operations.

What action do I need to take?

When you update your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides solution to version 500.3.1.X, please take note of the following changes:

How asset files (images, videos, 3D objects) are stored

  • Files will no longer be stored in the Note column as an attachment in  Files are stored in the File column of the Image, Video, or 3D Object table. 
    • Action: Update existing integrations or functionality that you have built using the Image, Video, or 3D Object tables. Failure to update these tables may result in broken functionality.

How guide operations data is stored

  • Two new tables (Guide Session and Guide Session Step Visit) will be introduced to store guide operations data.
    • Action: We recommend that you migrate all your existing integrations that use the Guides Event table to the new tables, since the Guide Event table will be deprecated in the future.
    • Action: If you are using a custom security role, privileges in the Guide Session and Guide Session Step Visit tables may need to be updated based on your requirements. See how to edit security roles for information.

Dynamics 365 Guides Author:

Dynamics 365 Guides Operator:

Dynamics 365 Guides Restricted Author:

Dynamics 365 Guides Restricted Operator:

Please visit our What’s new in Dynamics 365 Guides page for the latest information and updates for your Dynamics 365 Guides solution. 

Note: If you do not to update your solution to version 500.3.1.X, there is no impact and you will be able to continue using Dynamics 365 Guides with the existing feature set.