Hi guys,

How was your weekend?

What did you do? Let me tell you about how mind blowingly awesome mine was. This weekend we were at the #d365satdub, #365saturday event in Dublin.

The Microsoft building proved ideal for the event, lovely space for both work and play. We can’t not mention the table tennis in the middle.  

One Microsoft Place, South County Business Park, Dublin, Leopardstown, D18 P521, Ireland


Catch up time  (networking accompanied with Danish pastries and fresh coffee)

Calories and caffeine aside, the day started off with a keynote from Janet Robb, talking to us about the importance of the COMMUNITY, which was also the central theme of the event. Emotional and lovely message making us all feel empowered and appreciated exactly the way we are. There is something really inspiring in feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself. That being said, DIVERSITY was also a key theme in Dublin. Janet put this much more glamorously that me, but my take away message from it was that we can only do our best when we feel comfortable and represented when we walk into a room. I couldn't agree more!


In the spotlight

With the tone of the event set, everybody was just buzzing to get on with it. But first it was pictures time.

And one with just all of the pretty ladies in the community  .. Blush


Then we had amazing sessions from even more amazing speakers. The only problem was that you couldn’t clone yourself and be in more than one place at the same time, which with some of the bleeding edge topics covered, you would have wanted to.

If you want to know more about the sessions, have a look at the table below.



With the theme of COMMUNITY, the trendy #PIT was a great fit. All credits to Megan V. Walker for sharing it. #pit stands for people in tech, and it stands behind the idea that it's not the gender that makes all the difference. #wit in tech is a great way to find strong like minded females, but #pit is even better.  #PIT

MVP Corner

We also had an MVP corner, where anybody could sit down and have a chat with active MVP-s, get advice and insights. 

And let's not forget the lovely freebies from @Spanish_Point and Dox42, as well as ice cream station.


Probably the only thing that I slightly missed that day and which is very dear to my heart is Marketing. We didn’t have any sessions on #d365forMarketing, however that only makes it more exciting, as it’s something to look forward to in the upcoming events. Bring on the pretty graphs with behavioural insights and automated customer journeys.  


Session Name


Session Name


Session Name


Session Name


Session Name


Welcome Keynote

Shane Lilly

Welcome Keynote

Shane Lilly

Welcome Keynote

Shane Lilly

Welcome Keynote

Shane Lilly

Welcome Keynote

Shane Lilly

Planning for Success - Exams!

Julian Sharp

Journey from Dynamics Portals to PowerApps Portals

Mario Trueba

A Fun Step by Step to Get Started with Serverless

Ana Demeny

Microsoft Flow 101

Daniel Laskewitz

Getting started with the new PowerApps design tools

Mark Gullick

Field Service Futures and Direction

Ben Vollmer

Lets Build an XRMToolBox Tool!

Jonas Rapp

Improving field technician productivity and revenue with Flow, O365, D365 and Azure

Antti Pajunen

The New New Customer Service Journey

Mark Christie & Iain Connolly

What is Common Data Service and how we got to it

Marco Amoedo

Change Management in Dynamics

Janet Robb

Resource Scheduling Optimisation

Alexander Heinze

Unleashing the Power Apps Data Integrator

Cristhian Fernández

Cognitive Flow

Dave Burrell

Requirement Gathering in Azure DevOps

Tricia Sinclair











Empowering the Dynamics Community and Uncovering the MVP Process

Claire Smith

Learn to build a Bot with Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Joe Gill

The Session For Newcomers to PowerBI

Ben Watt

How to Integrate Blockchain Technology into Your Applications

Juarez Junior

Introduction to DevOps for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using D365 Build Tools

Shidin Haridas

Customer Success for Partners

Liam McDwyer

Is Omni-Channel for Customer Service a USD killer?

Neil Parkhurst

No Code Advanced Business Rules and Automated Testing with North52

Bruce Buxton

Document Automation for Dynamics 365

Fabian Huber

Heathrow PowerApps Framework

Samit Saini

Being Active in the Community

Megan Walker

Provide Immediate Business Value By Leveraging Microsoft Power Power platform

Chris Huntingford

A.I. For Sales

Mohammed Mostafa

Customer Round Table

Niall Fitzmaurice

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Pub Quiz

Andrew Bibby


See you at the next one!