I received this link form Microsoft while having issues with the branching: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/retail/dev-itpro/new-environments-visual-studio-teams-branch-retail-projects

I had my cloud-hosted development environment re-deployed on v10 PU28. There was a hotfix for it listed and I downloaded it and updated the development environment using LCS with the hotfix.

I have completed the branching for Retail. The D365FO branching was already in place, also the build environment for D365FO. I still have to create one for retail.

Under the heading "Prepare the development environment"

I did the mapping for Dev/RetailSDK in my VS workspace.

1) I have not installed tools using chocolatey. I haven't started with development on Retail, so I assume it is not necessary at the moment.

2) I have no idea what to do here

3) I assume the Dev/Metadata they are talking about is the D365FO custom. Don't know why I need to build any retail models. There is no metadata under the Retail brancing in source control or in the VS mapping.

4) To speed up the development experience I'm supposed to switch to IIS instead of IISExpress. However when I try to do what is stated in the link that takes one to Ievgen's post, I get an error. Because my environment is cloud-hosted in our subscription, I have admin rights and I am logged in as the admin user. So I don't know if something changed on the latest environments that the switch isn't necessary or what.

5) I refreshed my Dev environment with data from a tier-2 sandbox environment that was configured to run the CloudPOS so that it could be demo-ed to the end-users. So I have the retail setup now in my DB. I found the environment repovisioning tool in the shared library and used LCS to update my development environment with it.

I ran the initialize retail scheduler on my Dev box but chose to keep the configuration.

6) The repovisioning tool added the extra URLs in the hosts-file:

Which one of the 3 URLs should I used to sign in? I thought it should be devpos.cloudax.dynamics.com but it opens IIS.

So how do I log onto the local Cloud POS?

7) In Retail > Inquiries and reports > Commerce Data Exchange > download sessions, I see a list of sessions.  >  I did try to find the job name 9999 in the grid but it doesn't exist. Is it supposed to exist ?

8) The repovisioning tool added typescript 2.2.0. So I clicked on the link provided under (8) in the link above and it downloaded typescript instead of 2.2.2. I assume it is okay.

9) I did a full build of the RetailSDK  and it built without errors. It ran for a while and installed a whole bunch of things.

Seeing that I had the hotfix for PU28, I looked under RetailSDK/code and updated the K\RetailSDK with the latest version and checked it in and ran another MSBuild. It still built without errors.

10) IF we are only going to have CloudPOS and not MPOS, do I still need to do (10)? If so, how do I add the certificate to my environment's trusted root certificate store?

11) How can I verify if the MSBuild that I ran the first time installed the MPOS client broker files?

12 - 13) In VS, I opened the MPOS under RetailSDK and rebuilt it and then ran it with F5. I don't know what I'm supposed to see. It looks like it ran WWAHost.exe

I4 - 15) In D365 under channel profiles for the Default Profile, the retail server url is: "MIGRATION_VALUE/Commerce"

I copied it and try to run it in the browser but it just said paged can't be displayed. I assume that URL isn't correct. What is it supposed to be? I'm supposed to see the local retail server.  

16) I did make sure that my worker record in D365FO has the "User must change the password in the next logon" under the Retail-tab set to NO and I have entered my external identifier information.

17) I ran job 1060 under Retail > Retail IT > Distribution schedule.

18) I decided to run MPOS in VS again using F5. This time it came up with the activation screen. Is this how I'm supposed to activate it? The steps aren't clear in the link above. What server URL is it looking for? The one I mentioned in (14-15) which doesn't work?

The parameters are: Server URL, Device ID, Register number, Operator ID and Password.

Don't know if this is the correct activation screen that (18) was talking about because it only mentions the server URL and the AD User that was added in (16).

Can anybody shed some light on my questions please? Sorry for the long post but I do not have a developer co-worker and Microsoft only gave a link. So I have to help myself, which means I have to get my answers from you guys ;)