My son has a business for which he has requested that I look for a suitable invoicing system. He already has an accounting system which includes invoicing but it doesn't do what he wants. A few years ago he asked if I could develop something and what I did has been in use since then although, because it is in Excel, he needs to transcribe information to the accounting system manually.

What the spread sheet does (it also includes VB macros) is:-

1    At the start of a project he creates a new project based spread sheet which on the front tab contains the customer data and the elements of work listed that he is to undertake plus the agreed total value for each element.

2   When he wants to create an invoice he runs a macro which creates a new tab (as tab 2) with all the information already mentioned as brought forward values. He then enters the values to be invoiced against relevant rows of elements. 

3   The spread sheet calculates appropriate tax etc and also the remaining values against each element.

4   When a second invoice is required, he runs the macro again which again lists all the elements (the first invoice then becomes tab 3), the values originally agreed and invoiced so far against each one, and he enters the values for this invoice appropriately. And so on.

5   Thus the latest invoice shows the values originally agreed, what has been invoiced so far and what remains against each element.

The question is can Dynamic 365 replicate this facility.