While creating a Monthly forecast in Dynamics 365 I encountered a problem. I have created several new fields that I want to use in a forecast table.


Fields are:  1. Est. month revenue = 1000$  

  1. A number of months = 2   
  2. Project start and Project end date (from 1 June to 31 July 2021)

 Opportunity revenue in total would be 2000$



This is done in order to get revenue for each month. The expectation is to divide the total amount (est. Opportunity revenue) so that it enters each month (from the start of the project to the end of the project) to have this opportunity in both months June and July.

When configuring the forecast I make a new calculation for each phase separately (won, committed, Pipeline, etc.). The field for Amount is Estimated Month revenue and for the date, I set it up Project estimate end date. 



I faced with a problem here. In the forecast table opportunity appears only in July because the project ends on 31 July. 

 Is there a way to implement this? How can I take the difference between the two dates (the Start and the End date) in the forecast?

BR, Milka