Hi Experts, 

I want to achieve the following scenario from Dynamics 365 screen and NOT mobile device menu

As a warehouse worker I want to use Dynamics 365 screen to override picking location on work line. 

  1. Item reservation hierarchies for item A is set to following 
    1. Site
    2. Warehouse
    3. Inventory status
    4. Batch
    5. Serial number
    6. Location
  2. Sales order is raised for Item A for 100 quantities and batch number (B) is defined on sales order line
    1. Item A having batch number B is present at location 1 with 500 quantities 
    2. Item A having batch number B is also present at location 2 with 1000 quantities 
  3. Clicked Released to Warehouse on Sales Order which has created work and reserved the quantities for Pick location from location 1

Now as a warehouse worker, I don't want to pick from location 1. I rather want to pick from location 2 and hence I want to override location on work line

PS: I am using D365 screen to complete work

Any help would be appreciated