1. We have delivered an item to an Intercompany-customer, who hasn´t ordered that item.

2. The customer wants to solve this by creating an intercompany - Purchase Order for it, so we can manually finished/invoiced the SO. In this way, the customer can make a "Product receipt" right away and we get it  invoiced through a batchjob after we manually have got the SO to status "Packing slip.

 So we don´t want the SO get status "Picking list" after the customer had created the PO (as the the orders normally do through batchjobs after a few minutes), so that the SO risks being picked again if we don´t "catches" the SO in time.

  And all that it´s because it´ s a requirement from the customer, that they can create an PO for themselves when it happens and that we easily can complete (the SO:s) manually. 

3. We don´t want to solve this by creating a non-intercompany orders between us, we just want the customer to be able to create the PO:s themselves and we complete/invoice the SO:s when we have time for it.

* We can not use a Pool for that, as only we can add it in the SO. Not the customer.

* We are considering a new "Mode of delivery"-method for these orders, and which the customer can use and which is not picked up by the batchjob that makes them to status " Picking List". But that´s   a long way to go and we can´t solve that right now.

So if anyone has a tip on getting these SO:s not to be "picking list" after the customer created a PO, then it would be grateful.

// BCC