It is with great pleasure to announce that DynamicsPerf 2.10 can be downloaded from here.

There are several enhancements to this version:

  1. Added support for Dynamics 365 Local Business Data (aka On-Premise )
    • New AOTEXPORT class specifically for Dynamics 365
  2. Added collectors for Dynamics 365/AX BatchJobHistory data
    • Be able to determine if a batch job was running when a system slowdown occurred.
  3. Added historical data aggregation for BatchJobHistory data into Daily and Monthly totals
    • Analyze total impact of each batch job by Day or Month (avg. time, execution counts, etc)
    • Find out which Batch Jobs are slowing down over time
  4. Added SQL Server Always On configuration data to the database
    • Review your SQL Server Always On configurations (replicas, groups, listeners)
  5. Fixed missing data when Dynperf Server and Server collecting data from are in different time zones
    • No more missing query plans caused by servers being in different time zones !!
  6. Added SQL Server 2016 database scoped configurations as a collector
    • Determine which settings are at the database and which are at the server level
  7. Added new views and sample queries for each of the above new data collection sets
    • The analyze scripts have been updated with new sample queries for all the new collectors
  8. Added some sample Query Data Store queries for those of you on SQL Server 2016 and above who have enabled the data store.

There is an upgrade script from 2.0 to 2.10 provided in DynamicsPerf\upgrade scripts folder.  In addition, there is a small patch file to upgrade to the current build of 2.10. (This version has been being tested by Dynamics PFEs since late Nov. )

The installation steps are the same but I will be adding a video blog for installation.  So stop back to this site to check out this video.

A big THANK YOU to the community that continues utilize and support this toolset !!!

Rod “Hotrod” Hansen