I’ve run into this a couple of times now.  Someone comes to me with an error message when trying to post an invoice saying “Insufficient inventory transactions with status Received” even though there ARE sufficient received inventory transactions.

Each time I’ve seen this has been caused by the same thing – something other than letters or numbers in the packing slip for the inventory transaction.  One time it was a comma, one time was caused by a period, and another time was caused by a tab.  Even though there’s nothing preventing you from using these “special characters” (although I wouldn’t really consider a comma a special character,) AX can’t seem to interpret this very well.

There’s an issue in LCS that specifically describes this, but the fix doesn’t seem to work for me:


Instead of Microsoft’s suggestion, I’ve had to change the packing slip number in three places to remove those offending characters: VendPackingSlipJour, VendPackingSlipTrans, and InventTrans.  As always, if you’re going to do this, DO IT IN TEST FIRST!

After doing that, the invoi

Just thought you’d like to know.


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