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Hello Everyone,

I came across an issue while testing the currency converter in AX 2012.

My understanding is that, the status bar shows accounting currency and when we double click an other currency which is configured for conversion in the Currency converter form, then the financial values in all the forms across AX application should show the values in the selected currency.

For example if my accounting currency is USD and I have configured GBP for currency conversion, then if I select GBP and double click on the Currecny converter form, then the values in all the forms in AX should be shown in GBP.

I tested this in the Trial balance form and it seems to work good. But when I change the currency to GBP and go other forms such as Projects > Plan tab > Project budget, then the currency is shown as GBP in the status bar, but the values shown there are in USD only.

Could anyone please correct my understanding here. It looks to me that this is working only in a few forms(List pages).

  Sandeep Chaudhury, Lead Solutions Consultant,SBS Group USA

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  • Hi,

    Whether or not currency converter converts the amount field depends on the field.  It only converts fields that should be in the currency of the legal entity (table fields that have the AmountMST extended datatype or an extension of it assigned).  For amount fields where the currency depends on the transaction (extended datatype should be AmountCUR), the currency converter does not convert them(logical, since currency converter can't determine the transaction's currency in a simple manner).

    For your case, the field you saw on the trial balance form had the AmountMST extended datatype specified on it and was an amount of the legal entities currency, and the field for the project field is a field with the AmountCur extended datatype, whose currency is that of the project (and currency converter won't convert these).


  • Hi Ryuji,

    Apologies about delay in responding to this.

    Thank you for the answer. That answered my question and I understood the functionality now. I was just curious if it could show the AmountCUR also in the converted currency.

    I appreciate your answer.

      Sandeep Chaudhury, Lead Solutions Consultant,SBS Group USA

  • Good question sandeep .

    Hi Ryuji ,

    Thanks for your answer in the technical point of view .

    Any one share that what are all the default forms has the currency converter functionality ?