How to get item retail price in code

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Muhammad Yasir asked a question on 14 Jun 2017 2:40 AM


My scenario is that i need to get retail price of item. As you know that item has a base sales price defined on the product master form. Also after creating any trade agreements or creating any retail discounts for that item. i need to get the final retail price after the calculations of any trade agreements or retail discounts for that item.

Is there any AX class that does the same for me. i.e calculates the retail price. I used PriceDisc_Price class but this is giving me the price that is either the base price or price calculated based on any trade agreement. It is not catering the retail discounts, as i have also set some retail discounts on that item.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

zhiyi responded on 19 Jun 2017 1:52 PM