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Export only mandatory field from entity in data management

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Mayur Chavhan asked a question on 5 Jul 2017 4:37 AM
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I want to export the only mandatory fields as template from vendors data entity in data management in dynamics 365.

as i have an option in AX2012 to export mandatory field in DIXF but how to achieve this in dynamics 365.

please suggest.


Hi Mayur,

It is possible, but if you compare the steps with AX2012 it is more cumbersome. First you have to verify the mandatory fields in the table definition (visual studio). They might be different compared to the staging table definitions. So also verify the data entity for mandatory fields.

If you take the steps to create an export, you can select the option to include all or importable fields. A tile with the entity will be visible now. Then you can click the button 'View map' from this tile. Then go to the Mapping details tab page and delete the not required fields. Don't forget to hit the  'Save' button as otherwise the changes are not applied.

Luis Sanchez de Pazos responded on 11 Sep 2018 9:28 AM

Hi André,

I'm also trying to identify mandatory fields within certain entities. I'm aware that mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk in the mapping visualization of each entity (also in the mapping of and import/export project). However, there are some fields that are too long to fit their cells, and in turn it is not possible to observe if there is an asterisk at the end of that particular cell (the attached picture contains an example). 

I have tried to expand these visualization cells, but it seems they cannot be expanded in any way.

Is there another way to detect mandatory/compulsory fields within an entity?

Best regards and thanks in advance,



Hi Luis,

What exact version are you using? The asterisk is aligned at the right in my test environment, based on AX2012R2.

Luis Sanchez de Pazos responded on 12 Sep 2018 6:35 AM

Hello André,

My bad! I forgot to specify I'm using 365 Finance and Operations (Version 8.0). I'm using a test environment, and the red asterisk is also aligned at the right of cells (I'm attaching another picture with a wider view of the mapping visualization of an entity).

Is there another way to identify mandatory fields within entities?

Thanks in advance,


Saurabh Mukherjee responded on 13 Sep 2018 10:06 PM
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i am having the same query...did someone find the answer to this?


Hi Luis,

The mapping details doesn't show the mandatory flag on the fields. I haven't seen a form (yet) which has the information you would like to see. Possibly some custom code using the DictTable and DictField classes can be used to loop the fields from the staging tables and then find the mandatory flag per field. It requires some development skills to achieve this.


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