New Items Don't Show in Item Search on Retail POS 2012 R2

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Sam Matzen - Neztam asked a question on 13 Mar 2013 2:16 PM

When I add a new items in AX and upload to the POS databases they are in the databases, but won't show in Item Search and are not usable for sales.  From what I am seeing there is a table named "ASSORTEDINVENTITEMS" in the POS database not being updated by the sync services and is being used by the POS.  My new items are not in this table.


Has anyone else observed this behavior and if so how did you get around it?


Thanks, Sam Matzen

Sam Matzen - Neztam responded on 14 Mar 2013 6:27 AM

I found it.  I had setup a new Category and hadn't added it to the Assortments for the store.

Syed Muhammad Sajid responded on 6 Jun 2013 7:58 AM

Hi , SAM

I have an issues as like you had , I have tried so many option which are available on different blogs/post ,ill items are not showing on POS . can you help me on it ?as per my knowledge all tables have data and job are successfully executed . but I don't know my the items are not showing on POS. I am not talking about new item , basically  NO item are showing on POS . I am using existing item. is there any particular table or field I have to check , Please suggest me .

I already try all these options


axerp responded on 7 Oct 2015 5:30 AM

Hi all,

I am facing issue with ASSORTEDINVENTITEMS view at AX 2012 POS (CU1). It is not being updated automatically because of which data is not shown at POS. Can someone guide what is the reason of such behaviour at AX POS.

Thanks, Irum

axerp responded on 7 Oct 2015 5:41 AM

I further observed and found that InventTable table is not populating all items data. And ASSORTEDINVENTITEMS view uses the InventTable table to populate items data.

I am checking further and update