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How can i prevent selling item that has no quantity at POS ?

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  • Hi,

    Since the POS is unaware of the quantity on stock by default you need to make an inquiry to Ax whether there is any available physical stock or not.

    This can be made by a customization of the POS Plugin DLLs, which require some development. If this customization is done you will also automatically build in a requirement always to be online with the HQ when selling products. The retail transaction service has function for making such inquires by default and would be a good place to start when trying to figure out how to build the customization.

    If you use Ax 2012 R2 the retail transaction service is called Real Time Service.

    The following links would are a good starting points:

    If you have the POS Plugin Source Code you can check out the following file where the RTS is used to make a inquire to Ax about the current stocklevels:


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  • Dear Lars

    Thanks for your reply,but any setup to be done from HQ to stop selling out off stock items.

  • There is 2 options to do this in AX and always has been assuming you are running inventory posting for accurate inventory from store and are online

    1 On the store warehouse there is an allow negative inventory functionality specifically to stop selling any 0 stock items at that store

    Check the Physical negative inventory check box if negative inventory is allowed at warehouses and stores. This check box defines if the cashiers at the store can sell items even if Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is showing negative physical inventory

    2 you can do this by specific items on the products retail tab

    Select the Quantity becomes negative check box to indicate that the inventory can go negative

  • Dears have any one a solution for this issue , we need to stop selling of the items that has no quantity.