I'm just setting TFS on an AX2012 R2 system. It's setup to use a public workspace on a system and seems to work pretty ok. However I've got a few very annoying issues, and I wondering if anyone else has a similar setup, or has experience similar issues before.

Basically the problem is when I checkout an object, I occasionally get the follow error "The AOT node has been deleted." This in itself is not a huge problem, because if I check out again it works every time. However, because the object is deleted and synchronized from version control the object is delete, and I need to find the object again in the AOT and if the object is a table, then all of the data from table is also removed in this process. And this is very painful....

The call stack is....

[c] \Classes\Info\add 13
[c] \Classes\Form\treeNodePath
[c] \Classes\SysTreeNode\versionControlFilePath 3
[c] \Classes\SysVersionControlSystemFileBased\fileName 22
[c] \Classes\SysVersionControlSystemFileBased\commandSynchronize 132
[c] \Classes\SysVersionControlSystem\commandSynchronizeAndCheckout 15
[c] \Classes\SysVersionControlSystemFileBased\commandSynchronizeAndCheckout 8
[c] \Classes\VersionControl\checkOut 16

If anyone has any experience in this or has a configuration similar to this without any issues, your assistance would useful. The error appears to come from \Classes\Form\treeNodePath, however I cannot look at the code here to figure out what's wrong...