We have a third party warehouse where we ship some orders to, and then our customer picks up from there(let's call it warehouse TPW). We need separate paperwork (e.g. BOL) from our warehouse to TPW, and from the TPW to the customer. We also need a way to identify the inventory in this warehouse. Any ideas on what would be the best way to do this?

We have tried using hub consolidation which splits the route and introduces a new warehouse. It creates a new transport request line which we can then assign to a new load.

e.g. Load 1-> from our warehouse to TPW

Load 2-> from TPW to customer

We can pick, pack and ship the first load, but then we cannot ship confirm the second load because it gives the following error: "The shipment for load xxx could not be confirmed because all work for the load must be complete."

It is not necessary for us to have work for this second load since we have no employees at this third party warehouse, but if the system requires work, how can it be generated for a transport request line. This type of order is not on the Work template setup, nor the location directives. Are we missing something in the setup, or are we not using this functionality properly? How can we ship the second load? And is there a different way of achieving what we need?