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T&A Error in registrations. Contact your supervisor.

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Christian Schulte asked a question on 14 Jun 2018 4:21 AM

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whenever I try to clock in or register a job, I'm gettign this error:

I was able to clock in / register a job yesterday, but now there is a red cross next to  the workers.

It seems as they are clocked out, but I can't clock in.

AbdulQaviShaik responded on 5 Sep 2018 9:40 AM

Hey Christian,

I have the same issue...did you got it fix?

If yes,how did you got it resolved?

Iam trying to set up time registration functionality ...initially Clock-in, Clock-out & Job registrations was working all fine but other day i started getting these errors 'Error in registrations. Contact your supervisor.' and ' Number sequence 0 does not exist.' ...i did try after changing badge ID & Password of the worker in time registration form.

Can you help me out resolving this.

Thank You.

Christian Schulte responded on 6 Sep 2018 1:21 AM


for us the reason was a missing setup:

The worker was absent, but there was no Absence Code set.

Please check:

Time and attendance > Setup > Groups > Absence groups

Human resources > Absence > Absence codes

Now it should be possible when the worker clocks in

to set an absent reason.

If not maybe you should think about creating a new worker,

which also settled some of my problems, but it was a sandbox only.

For a live production system I recommend to ask an expert Consult for help.

The best Blog out there for this topic:

AbdulQaviShaik responded on 6 Sep 2018 2:30 PM

Thank you Chris.

Will work on it.

Appreciate your time.

AbdulQaviShaik responded on 6 Sep 2018 2:31 PM

thank you ludwig.


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