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Settle and post sales tax

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Tony111 asked a question on 12 Jul 2018 6:45 AM
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Hi all,

I have settled and posted sales tax for June.

Path: Tax > Declarations > Sales Tax > Settle and post sales tax

As I view the posted sales tax for June from the Sales tax Settlement periods - Tax > Indirect taxes > Sales tax > Sales tax settlement periods -I mark the period for June and I further click on "sales tax payments" in the action pane. I can see that the settlement and payment has already been posted/created. When I further view the voucher all the dimensions values are available. Please see the screenshot below. I want the VAT to be posted and summed up for the main accounts with only one defualt dimensions (6000=RESPONS)

So basically, I want the VAT payable amount to be summed up and posted for 2650-6000.

Output VAT domestic sales - 2611-600

Input VAT-2611-6000

At this moment dimensions values for purpose and also follows along when I settle and post the sales tax. Do you know how I can set this up and fix it.


Hi Tony,

The tax settlement is posting reversing transactions with the same dimensions used on the original transaction. It would be possible to specify a fixed dimension on a main account, but then also the new transactions created by invoice posting will get this fixed value.

If you want only the tax payment using other values, you should be aware that there will be an imbalance on dimension level.


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