've got a list page  with 2 info parts that is displayed on the portal and has been visible to all users for over a year.  In order to prevent users seeing HR data we have changed the privilege workcalendardataview from view to noaccess.  This has now stopped users seeing some display fields that use the number of hours that a worker works per day from the HCMEmploymentAbsenceSetup table.  If I display the same method without the division by the working hours it shows in both portal and client.

Users are still able to see the numbers if they view the list page in the client but are unable to see the fields on the portal.  I know its a security issues but not sure what I need to do.  Why does the change in entry point access to the below stop users seeing the display method fields.


Privilege (AOT name)

Entry point (AOT name)

Entry point type

Entry point access



Menu item display

No access



Menu item display