Dear Experts.

I have 2 Query if you can help me.

Query One

I have a open purchase order which is to be received on 15 Aug 2018. say Qty 150

I have open sales order of Qty 100 demand which need to be delivered as soon as production is done.

When I run my master planning on say 1st of August.

It generate planned purchase order as on 1st of August with delivery date 25th of August (lead time 25 days)

It Also generate planned production order as on 25th of august.

My query is why system is not considering purchase order which is to be received on 15th of August and generate planned production order on 15th of August. Ideally it should not generate any planned purchase order. How can I achieve the desired result?

Query 2.

Our business want that master planning should run in 2 Phases.

1. it should generate planned production order first based on either open sales demand or forecast. then they will adjust the sales demand on planned production order and firm it.

2. they should run the master planning again and it should create the planned purchase orders based on the adjusted production order which were generated in the first run is it possible to break the master run in two phases?

thanks in advance.