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In AX2009 Item with a value but no quantity

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Benoit Lemay asked a question on 13 Jul 2018 11:15 AM

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I work in a Standard costing and I close the inventory each month.

We changed an service to item. It putted inventory in the auxilary so I've done a counting that didn't post financial or physical since the value of the service was already expensed. The problem is that I still have a value on the item that isn't in my GL. How can I clear the value from AX?

please see below for screenshot that could help.

Thank you,


Hi Benoit,

Why did you change the service item to a stocked product? How did you change this? You could better create a new item. To be able to correct this, I do think deep analysis on the inventory transactions is required here. If you check the totals of the individual transactions, is there then also a financial cost amount pending? There might be an inconsistence between the inventsum and inventtrans records, but this is just a wild thought.


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