I have a product P8000 Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice - 12 FL Oz (355 ml) which contain it P6000 pure orange juice extracted, item P6000 contain item M6008 oranges

I configured commodity pricing template for item P8000 and item P6000

And I configured pricing for M6008 Oranges item (Raw material) cost to be 2.6, The inventory value is .61

Finally, I run the create price and margin data, then view the result


For item P6000 AX Calculate the price of oranges base on commodity price 2.6

M6008 orange juice extracted( contain M6008 Oranges in formula line) 1872/720=2.6


For item P8000 Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice which contain the M6008 Orange juice extracted it calculate the price based on inventory value not the commodity value


M6008 Cost 4.96/8.1= 0.61 the inventory value not commodity price 2.6

So the calculation for sub-BOM will not be calculated based on commodity price? Please any solution so that AX will calculated the sub-BOM based on commodity price.


I used demo data for company USP2 for this simulation