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Project Work Breakdown Structure error

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Mohamed Amir asked a question on 11 Oct 2018 3:54 AM

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For some projects in Project Management Module, i am trying to open WBS and i am getting this error

ProjWBSTreeNode object not initialized.

Stack trace

(C)\Classes\ProjWBSUpdateController\updateOutlineNumbersAndPublishInPreOrder - line 64
(C)\Forms\ProjWorkBreakdownStructure\Methods\init - line 223
(C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\init - line 3
(C)\Classes\MenuFunction\run - line 85
(C)\Classes\ProjProjectsListPageInteraction\openProjectWBS - line 49
(C)\Forms\ProjProjectsListPage\Designs\DesignList\Activities\Methods\Clicked - line 3

I delete XPILL file also but no luck. Can somebody help to fix this issue.

WBS is not working for some projects only. 

Thanks and Regards.


Hi Mohamed,

Do you have some extensions in this area? What type of environment are you using? A production, development? Running on Azure or on-premise? What exact version of the application and platform are you using?

Mohamed Amir responded on 11 Oct 2018 6:23 AM

Hi Andre;

We are using MS Dynamics Ax R3 CU13 and i am facing this problem in production environment.We are not using any kind of extension.



Is it only you that faces those problems or do your colleagues experience the same?

If you open the WBS for the same project in your test environment do you receive the same error?

Best regards



Hi Mohamed,

I have corrected the version tag for you as it appears you are using AX 2012 R3. In this case try if a full CIL build and restart of AOS machines thereafter will solve this problem.


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