We found a Document about the reporting enhancement for China region.

The document was provided by Microsoft (http://wenku.baidu.com/view/63d80a44be1e650e52ea99db

This enhancement provided a no. of reports listed below and a new costing method (i.e. Monthly Average , not running average).

We have installed AX 2009 + SP1 + Hotfix RU8 +Reporting Services on SQL Server 2008 R2 + Configuration Key Enabled.

But we still couldn't find these reports.

As the reports are very important to our operations in China, Any one know about these?  

Or It can only be downloaded from Partner Source?

General ledger
China daily summary report 日报表*
China cash daily report 资金日报表*
China cash status report 资金头寸表*
China matrix account report 多栏帐*
Matrix dimension 多栏维度*
Account analysis by dimensions 按维度划分的科目分析*
Chart of accounts by dimensions 按维度划分的会计科目表*
Ledger transactions by dimension 按维度划分的分录*
Matrix report with dimensions 包含维度的矩阵报表*
Detailed ledger transactions by dimensions 按维度划分的详细分录*
Account balance sheet by dimensions 按维度划分的科目资产负债表*
China customer balance by profile 客户科目余额表*
Customer balance report 客户余额表*
Customer balance by dimension 按维度划分的客户余额*
China customer balance by sales group 客户业务员余额汇总表*
China customer balance by customer group 客户分类余额汇总表*
China customer details 科目明细帐*
China customer settlement 客户往来两清*
Customer collection letter 客户催款单*
Customer aging 客户帐龄*
Receivable statistics report 应收统计报表*
Receivable balance report 应收余额表*
China receivable details 应收明细帐*
Aging analysis of receivable payment 收款帐龄分析*
China due amount analysis 欠款分析*
China vendor balance by profiles 供应商科目余额表*
Vendor balance report 供应商余额表*
Vendor balance by dimension 按维度划分的供应商余额*
China vendor balance by buyer group 供应商业务员余额汇总表*
China vendor balance by vendor group 供应商分类余额汇总表*
China vendor details 供应商明细表*
China vendor settlement 供应商往来两清*
China vendor details with aging 供应商明细帐龄*
Vendor aging 供应商帐龄*
Payable statistics report 应付统计表*
Payable balance report 应付余额表*
China payable details 应付明细帐*
Aging analysis of payable payment 付款帐龄分析*
China due amount analysis 欠款分析*
Issue/receive summary report 出库/入库汇总报表
Inventory status report 库存状态报表
Inventory in/out status report 入库/出库状态报表
Inventory aging report 库龄报表*
Tentative purchase inventory details 库存采购暂估明细*
Summary of tentative purchase inventory 库存采购暂估汇总*
Purchase VAT details 采购增值税明细*
sales VAT details 销售增值税明细*
Item purchase history analysis 物料采购历史记录分析*
Item sales analysis 物料销售分析*
Purchase shipment analysis 采购发货分析*
Sales shipment analysis 销售发货分析*
China inventory voucher details 存货明细帐*
Sales shipment details 销售发货明细*
WIP summary status report 生产在制品汇总报表*
WIP daily status report 生产在制品日报表*
Production consumption variance report 生产消耗量差异报表*
Production daily & monthly report 生产每日和每月报表*
Production input & output report 生产投入产出报表*
Production cost analysis report 生产成本分析报表*
Production cost comparison report 生产成本比较报表*