Does anybody have any experience with AX7 (D365O) or AX6 (2012) and processing of high volumes of serialised items?


In my business we make very heavy use of serialised items in AX5 (2009).
We generate around 700,000 serialised items annually - it performs reasonably well at this level.

As with any DB, big concurrent transaction processes can become a performance issue due to locking – just the nature of the thing.
With sales invoice posting and several other processes we spread the load by batching them sequentially.

To give you some idea, we fairly frequently have purchase orders and sales orders with around 1000 serialised items on.
More often than not it is in the low hundreds. And we do have edge cases (once or twice a year) where the number will be much higher ~8000.

The same is also true of pallets – 100’s in the main, sometimes low thousands and rarely in the high thousands.
But the distinction here is that users can’t wait for a queue system to perform the move of a pallet for example.

However, we have just been acquired by a larger entity that owns several other business like ours and they are considering moving everything into the cloud on D365O.
Combined, the total serialised items created per year will be about 6 million.

Naturally we have had talks with MS and they are more or less trying to put us off of using D365O as a warehouse solution.
We feel this defeats the point of having an all in one solution and naturally developing sync between two systems would be very challenging.

On one call, MS advised that DN of 5000 serialised items is particularly high (which is a fair point) - they seemed surprised that AX2009 was handling it.
But on another we were told that 500,000 serialised items is the maximum D365O should be expected to handle per year. We have yet to establish what exactly the guy meant by that.  I expect this is an arbitrary maximum based on the fact that these items would generate a large transaction overhead per day  based on an arbitrary number of postings / stock movements etc during MS's product testing. I do wonder if 500k is the limit before which the system becomes noticeably bad to users.

As a side note, our entity is the only one that uses AX(2009) as a full end to end solution and we are very happy with it.
The others use a mix of systems. Several use AX2009/12 but only for Finance.
But none have the ability to easily provide detailed reporting to our clients like us because of the difficulty/expense in joining systems.


To wrap up the question, has anybody experienced performance issues with D365O or AX2012 when using item serialisation, even at low quantities?

Any info anecdotal or otherwise would be nice to hear.

Also, if anybody has used AX2009 at particularly high volumns (>500k per annum) of serialized items and experienced performance issues I'd also like to hear.

Naturally, if anybody has developed customisation that helps circumvent serialised item performance issues, I'd love to hear.

I am an AX developer of 6+years - predominantly AX2009.

Thank you