Dear all,

One of my issues with the product configurator is that attribute values are visible for all configurations.

Example: I have an Attribute Type Car Engine and its values A,B,C,D. I wanna make two configurations, 1 & 2. When i add Car Engine to both configurations the user can select all values, however, for configuration 1 only A & D can be selected and B & C for configuration 2. 

The only solutions i see right now, is to create a attribute types for each configuration or to create a constraint in the model. This might work if you have a low amount of attributes, but imagine you have a lot...both solutions arent user friendly at all.

Any ideas on that?

See here: I added "New Attribute" in order to use it for a new configuration...however, on the old and all other configurations, it is selectable.

Thanks in advance, Adis