Hello All

I am using AX2012 R3.

Expense module is setup and is working well in in the EP.

I configured the desktop App using Azure AAD and not ADFS.

I am facing two issues on the app.

1) I am not able to see or change the financial dimensions fields on the desktop app. Does the app show the financial dimensions?

2) When I submit the expense to the workflow I get a vague "record not found" error.

Unhandled FaultException calling Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.RapidStart.Connector.Modules.AXMobile.ExpenseRestService.GetWorkflowHistory. User: (user@xcxcxcx.com (FQDN: )).


System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.RapidStart.Connector.Modules.AXMobile.Proxies.ExpenseReports.AifFault]: Record not found (Fault Detail is equal to Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.RapidStart.Connector.Modules.AXMobile.Proxies.ExpenseReports.AifFault).

Has anyone come across these issues?