HI all im facing this issue deploying Dynamics onprem V10 update 26 

'System.FM' reported Error for property 'State'.
Partition is below target replica or instance count.
fabric:/AXSF/AXService -1 1 c2c671f1-70ea-47d9-b837-6dbda79be55f
InBuild KPAOS2 132131880002274856
InBuild KPAOS1 132131880039618423
InBuild KPAOS3 132131880039618424
(Showing 3 out of 3 instances. Total available instances: 0)

For more information see: <a href='https://aka.ms/sfhealth' target='_blank'>https://aka.ms/sfhealth</a>

I hope somebody help me with this been searching for solution for about 1 month already