Dear All,

I need some advice with the following. Recently we moved to new servers, which was done without any software upgrades, so application code is basically the same. There were no changes in any relevant parameters either, so the expectation was that the system will behave the same. Unfortunately after first Master Scheduling in the new environment a curious (and highly problematic to us) thing happened regarding Net requirements. Inventory blocking transactions, the ones created manually using Inventory and Warehouse Management>Periodic>Inventory blocking feature, started recognizing only one (physical reservation) transaction and totally ignoring the receipt transaction (created due to Expected receipts being checked)

In our old environment, as well as in our Acceptance environment, since the inventory transaction’s Expected Date on both of them is the same, they cancel each other out and are ignored by MRP (no entries on any of them in the ReqTrans), which is the way we like it. I should also mention that there were no customizations in this area.

Unfortunately in the new Production environment MRP recognizes the physical reservation , showing it as a Stock journal reqTrans, (which I know is OK). This issue pegs against the On-hand (which is also OK). The problem is however that it ignores the expected receipt, leaving us with ‘fake requirement’ that can lead to unnecessary purchasing.

As mentioned – no changes in setup or code. There are also no batches involved – this is the simplest possible item with Site, Warehouse, Location and nothing else. This problem applies to all blocked items, so it is not item specific. After a day of chasing the root cause I ran out of ideas. Any suggestions on where to look further?